Disciples Project

Bible Study / Online Video Platform

The Challenge

A hub of top notch bible videos.

We recognized the need for a dedicated platform for their users to watch these videos. Hence, we developed a bespoke website to cater to their specific needs, with a focus on increasing leads and engagements.


Disciples Project


Kentucky, USA


Apr 2022


Web Design & Development

The process

Creating a digital touchpoint to view Bible study.

In order to enhance the website's sophistication and engagement, we incorporated various features and functionalities. This included implementing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and video access. We also focused on providing informative content that offers a comprehensive understanding of the Bible video courses. Additionally, we optimized the website's SEO to improve its search engine ranking and increase visibility to potential users.

The Result

Reaching untapped user engagement

Our approach to developing the Bible video course website was focused on creating a sophisticated, engaging, and informative platform that catered to the needs of the users and increased leads and engagements.