Konsole US

Consulting Firm / Business Development

The Challenge

Building 3 levels of consultancy for Konsole.

The objective was to develop a comprehensive business consulting platform that caters to the varying needs of clients, classified into three distinct levels - Start, Scale, and Optimize.


Konsole US


New York, USA


Dec 2021


Web Design
Front End Development
Back End Development

The process

Creating a website UI easy to understand the three levels.

Achieving this classification required extensive UX research and a profound understanding of the consultancy business to create a clean, responsive user interface that seamlessly integrates with the platform's core functionalities. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free user experience, we leveraged cutting-edge technologies that enable users to easily navigate the platform and select the level of consultancy that best suits their requirements.

The Result

Ease of accessibility.

‘Mastering the business needs’
The end result was a sophisticated platform that catered to the diverse needs of clients and helped them achieve their business goals with ease.